Wedding Date   August 9th, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Words of Wisdom Wall

Aga and I have been brainstorming different subjects that would be good to discuss before we get married. If you have any Words of Wisdom please feel free to comment and share with us any ideas you have. Thank you for helping our marriage be as incredible as possible.


Anonymous said...

Give each other foot massages at least once a week. - Geoff

Aga said...

Aga's Dad says: "Apologize to your wife at least once a day"

Chris said...

Say "please" and "thank you".

kevnliu said...

Geoff, Every married man i've ever known has told me this. The secret to being happy when it comes to disagreements... You can either be right, or you can be happy.

Magda said...

Say "I love you." Like, all the time. -Magda

Martin Szczesniak said...

"1. Respect your spouse.

On the bad days treat your spouse like you colleagues at work or business associates, or customers. On good days treat her like your queen; treat him like your king. When you are really down, remember the days of courting her, how heavenly happy you were in the presence of that person. It is still that person. And the time is yours and the time is now to love her and be happy with her (or him).

2. Be in constant awe of your spouse. Being in “love” does not have to end after the honeymoon. A husband should cherish and desire his wife all the days of their marriage. That makes life bliss; we can enjoy 50 or 75 years of being “in love”.

3. Love is a life long commitment, other options do not exist; other women do not exist, other men do not exist. Do not look back, do not look aside. Cherish what you have. Your wife is the most beautiful and attractive woman in the world. Your husband is the most handsome and dashing man in the world.

4. Never humiliate your spouse; never use vulgar language to address or to describe your spouse. Even during the most vicious quarrels respect the other person. Have respect for your spouse even during the most vicious fights.

5. Physical intimacy is one of the biggest gifts that God gave humanity. Enjoy it. Wife, give yourself to your husband; husband, give yourself to your wife. Physical intimacy is not only an expression of spousal love but also an important support for married life. Do not neglect this gift. On the other hand being so powerful, if used unwisely it can become an object on its own and it can objectify the relationship, robbing the spouses of the gift. The modern world knows this and is engaged in the business of stealing this gift.

Stay away from any form of pornography. It undermines the gift and marriage, it destroys individuals.

6. Children are unseparatable from married life. From the moment a couple gets pregnant for the first time the focus of life changes. The new life takes priority over any other aspect of life including career, rest, pleasures. The Child by its very being substitutes for all of that. Through the birth of a child we are elevated to a higher level of human life. We are brought closer to God the creator. We are not loosing anything; our sources of joy become more mature.

7. Marriage can be considered an earthly school of Love, God’s love. By loving a spouse and our children we learn what love is, so we are granted a glimpse into what God’s love is. If we keep expanding our ability to love our spouse and our children we practice what God does; we practice love. This is the beginning of our salvation. It begins here on earth. Marriage and family is an opportunity for us to learn to love. So when we die, we are prepared to enter into God’s love.

We cannot do this on our own; we cannot love on our own. We have to open ourselves to God, so he can work in us. Good marriages and good families are grounded in prayer and remain in constant contact with God.

If you wish your children to enjoy what you are enjoying start preparing them for a good life from the moment of their conception. Be a person, be a couple of prayer and contemplation. Your children will follow in your steps. They will not only be less troubled during their teenage years, they will join you in the Kingdom of God when they are called home."

Sundie said...

Geoff and Aga, I believe the key to a successful marriage is to put God first in everything, and have a strong communication.- Sundie

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